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Grunge Posters

2018 | 03 | 19 | illustration

Long long time ago in the mid 90s The Designers Republic (TDR) designed the packaging and many in-game graphics (mostly illustrations and logos) of WipeOut for Playstation. With that contribution TDR established a new future-minimalist pop-art style that made videogames cool outside the outside of the nerd bubble. WipeOut is one of my favorite games from the 90s and TDR's work inspires me very often when it come to logo or poster design.

While brainstorming intersting domain names I always stumbled over namings that refered to video games (like 8bits). Besides that I had always logos and icons in my head that were inspired by TDR art style. This is how 8bit-labs was born and some early vector illustrations that I started in Macromedia Flash in 1999 and adapted nearly 20 years later in Affinity Designer for a small grunge poster project. Here we go ...

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